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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Sunday 1:00PM

Children will learn lessons based on different subjects, complete some bookwork and participate in various activities. Once all activities are completed, each child will earn an emblem for the lesson. For children of all ages.


Moonbeams are members of a national character-building program sponsored by The Salvation Army for boys and girls in grades Preschool through Kindergarten. Moonbeams should try to help others whenever possible, even before being asked. Moonbeams are encouraged to attend Sunday school or church every week. If not a member of a Sunday school, the Moonbeams are invited to attend at The Salvation Army. There they’ll meet friends and have fun learning about Jesus.

Girl Guards

Guarding opens the door to adventure. As a Girl Guard, you will find many exciting new experiences awaiting you. With each experience, you will discover things about yourself and the world God has created. You will belong to a large family with thousands of members in every part of the United States and in many other the countries where The Salvation Army is located. Girl Guards is one of many youth groups sponsored by your local Salvation Army corps. Girl Guard meetings may be held at the corps center, at community buildings, or schools.


The Guarding Program is sponsored by The Salvation Army. It includes girls in grades 1 through 12, divided into two groups: Sunbeams (grades 1-5) and Girl Guards (grades 6-12). If you do not have a Sunbeam program in your local Salvation Army, you may join Girl Guards in grade 5. If you do not have a Girl Guard program, you may remain a Sunbeam through grade 6. All Sunbeams are members of the Guarding Program. Any girl may join the program.

Adventure Corps

The Salvation Army Adventure Corps is a Christian education program designed for boys Grades 1-8. It is divided into two sections: Explorers for boys in grades 1-4 and Rangers for boys in Grades 5-8. Each section takes members through a series of achievement awards and levels, helping boys to develop their individuality and potential